What to eat in Airlie Beach (+ Vegan, Drinks & Backpacker Deals)

What to eat in Airlie Beach (+Vegan, Drinks & Backpacker Deals)

Despite Airlie Beach being a one street town, there are lots of good eats to be had – I could go on for hours but if you’re reading this you’re probably hungry so here’s a quick list to guide you in the right direction of what your tum fancies right now.



Salt – These guys do a great backpacker breakie for $12. Their veggo breakie, while already yum, can easily be turned into a vegan breakie – I’m talking asparagus, spinach, rosemary mushies, turkish bread, baked beans (instead of the egg), hash browns (instead of the halloumi). Other good picks – Sidewalk, Orange Quote.



Seafood is a big eat in Airlie what with all the local fishing, everyone rates Fish D’vine as the place to go but in my opinion, Sorrento’s seafood platter or reef & beef tops it. Its location also rocks, overlooking the sea at Abell Point Marina (a short walk down the boardwalk from the lagoon).



Little Vegas, hands down – Russell Crowe recently tweeted saying it was the best burger he’s ever had. They’ve also just opened Bar LV upstairs which has some yummy tapas options, including their pork belly burger with chilli caramel slaw in slider form. Their deep fried mac ’n’ cheese balls are also just a little bit ok. Other good picks – Capers do a good value, giant chicken burger.


Get That India (do you get the pun? It took me so long to even realise it wasn’t just a shit name). Name aside, these guys are the best for Indian – top tip is to go at lunch time, it’s cheaper and you still get a stuffed tummy’s worth.



Sorrento’s again here – Marinara or Pollo are my picks and they also do 2-4-1 pizzas and $15 pastas everyday 3-4pm. They also offer gluten free pizza bases / pastas.



Even though there’s a sushi boat on the main strip, it just doesn’t cut it like Yatai Sushi does in Cannonvale (a short bus ride away).



Orange Quote in Cannonvale is possibly the only Mexican but does some awesome (and giant) burritos, nachos and quesadillas. They also have a scrum selection of salads, wraps, breakfasts foods, muffins… basically anything you could ever want.

Backpacker Deals?

Both Beaches and Down Under Bar offer $15 meal + schooner deals – you’ll um and arr about what you want, but everyone always goes for the steak.

Midnight Snack?

Sista Snacks (although everyone just calls it ‘the pie place’) is open late and has delicious (even when sober) $5 pies. There’s also sometimes a hotdog stand by the smoking area of Paddies bar that has $8 dogs with bacon, cheese and all the sauce you could ever want. There’s also a 24hr Maccas if it’s more of a 4am snack.



Bohemian Raw is the place to go for hippie vibes and an acai bowl or Cafe One 3 for breakie (and homemade yummy chocolate things). For dessert – New Zealand Ice Cream do some delicious sorbet options – berryfruit was my favourite flavour even before I cut out dairy.



Breeze Bar in town is meant to be the place for cocktails, Darling, but it’s quite expensive and for me Barcelona in Abell Point Marina is a much nicer atmosphere and a lovely view of the marina for the same dollar. Rum Bar, an extension of Fish D’vine, has the best mojito I’ve ever had and they’re only $10.90 (go raspberry for an extra $2, so delicious).



Orange Quote is definitely the best coffee and they give you a tiny little muffin too.


Smoothies / Juice?

Boost was always my go-to smoothie place for a pre-work treat but Orange Quote, Bohemian Raw and Cafe One 3 do some goodies too.

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