The Pressures of a Working Holiday Visa: Time to Leave Airlie Beach?

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Recently it’s been stressing me out a bit that I’m four months into my Australian working holiday visa and I’ve spent 3 months and 3 weeks of that in the Whitsundays. I mentioned this to my Aussie mate Lauren and she just said, ‘Chick, ya in tha Whitsundays, it’s just the best place, just stick araaaand, go with tha flow’ – this is usually over cocktails and a cheese board by the pool so I’m easily convinced (that sounded super classy – to clarify I mean a $4 brie + metric fuck ton of balsamic and crusty bread + fruity Bundy and juice – didn’t want you guys to get the wrong idea). But still, I’ve been having this niggling feeling that I should pack up and move on. I’ve always preferred travelling slowly but the pressure of only having a year or two to do the WHOLE of Australia is getting to me. I know I can come back on a tourist visa and travel more but I still have that funny feeling – it’s similar to the – but what if I’m missing out – pang.

But then I had the absolute revelation on twitter,  remembering that working holiday visas don’t have to be consecutive and can be ‘saved for later’. Yes, it’s still the same amount of time and yet somehow I feel like a weight has been lifted, sort of because now it’s future Sophie’s problem deciding if I want to stay for two years or not – I’ll just do my farm work and leave my options open.

Having said this, I feel like it’s time to leave Airlie. Starting up this blog has meant lots of research into other blogs which has resulted in lots of getting distracted by travel porn. I’m feeling eager to get going and see new things, maybe eat different cheese boards by different pools.


And of course all of this leaves the exciting question – where to go in September when my visa ends?

I’ll be posting real-time updates of my travel plans on twitter so catch up with me there!

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