The Birth of Ocean Travelling and Why I Love Jamie Oliver

The Birth of Ocean Travelling and Why I Love Jamie Oliver

So I thought I’d write a wee post about why I’ve decided to start this Ocean Travelling stuff. You might not care – you might just want to know where to get the best fried chicken cashew nut in Thailand (spoilers – Blue Chair on Koh Tao – blog post to follow). But I’m going to write it anyway.

A few of the many owls

I like planning things, projects, creating stuff but I have a short attention span. Like I’m sure most people so – I go through phases of making things; during my first year of university I cut, sewed and stuffed 15-20 plush owls in a month. I have no idea why. I haven’t made an owl since but starting this blog is the one thing that I keep on coming back to because I’m hoping it’ll be everything I love – travel, food, photography, cocktails, scuba diving – and of course writing.

So on to the Jamie Oliver bit. My latest obsession is watching his FoodTube channel on youtube. I definitely have no intention of cooking a whole roast turkey with all the trimmings anytime soon (yes it’s December 9th but I’m also broke and in Australia – the land of Christmas prawns) – but I watched that video anyway because he’s fun to watch! He’s informative but also personal, real and passionate about what he’s doing. I love reading travel and food blogs but I just get bored of reading the same trendy shit over and over. Like mason jar salads. Everyone has blogged or Instagrammed a mason jar salad. I’d be angrier but dammit they’re a great idea. My point is though – I read blogs for fun, not just to learn the top ten things to do in Melbourne, but people’s actual experiences. So my aim for right now is to keep it honest – documenting my life working and travelling around the world and sharing with you the random things I do and learn along the way.

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