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After finishing up a Creative Writing degree in London in 2014, I decided I wasn’t quite ready to commit to adulting with a big city job in publishing so packed it all in and fled to South East Asia to work in the dive industry. On graduation day I started work in a cocktail beach bar in Thailand and ended my night dancing on the bar looking out at the ocean. I don’t feel like I missed out at all. Living there I quickly learnt that a cubicle job would never work for me and I’ve ever since been working towards achieving forever travel.

‘I like travel’

‘I am interested in conservation’

‘I want to save the world’

‘I like fun'


I write these things because I’m having difficulty putting into words my ‘mission statement’ for Ocean Travelling - I say mission statement because I hope to reflect on what this blog will evolve to become. I started this travel blog in 2015 primarily to share my experiences completing a Divemaster (scuba diving) internship, as when researching to do it myself I found very little blogature on the subject. I’ve always been a writer but as I wrote more and more for this blog I found myself enjoying the personal side of the writing, documenting what I was learning and my reactions to certain situations more than the ‘expert writer’ voice that every blog about blogs professes is the key to success; The Complete Expert Guide to Knowing Everything about Everything.

As a diver I’ve always been interested in the conservation of our oceans but until recently I hadn’t properly educated myself about the necessity of Earth conservation and how as humans we are widely unaware that we are living in ways that we cannot sustain. As a traveller, the preservation of our planet is incredibly important to me. There will still be blog posts on where to get the absolute best coffee in Melbourne (I’m commited to extensive research to become an expert on this one) and blog posts on personal experiences like being evicted on Christmas Day and tips on riding a scooter in Thailand because I had to learn the hard way. But there will also be posts about my struggles staying vegan on the road, research into more sustainable ways of living and, hopefully without sounding like a dick, ways in which I hope to make myself a better person and I hope to inspire you to do the same. OK, feeling time is over - time to return to stories of crashing bikes.