PACKING LIST: Sailing the Whitsundays

PACKING LIST: Sailing the Whitsundays

I see people lugging bags and bags of stuff to the marina everyday – I honestly saw someone strolling down the boardwalk with a supermarket trolley once. I swear. But you really don’t need much – so here’s an Ocean Travelling essentials packing list!

PACKING LIST: Sailing the Whitsundays

1. Sunnies

Possibly the most important thing to pack if you want to see anything on your trip because it’s SO sunny. Beware the tan lines though.

PACKING LIST: Sailing the Whitsundays

2. Two Pairs of Swimmers

It’s a common rule on boats that you can’t go inside while wet so it’s a good idea to pack two so you can change after a snorkel and still cruise around and sunbathe.

3. Two Pairs of Shorts

I say two because one pair might get soggy on the dingy ride over to Whitehaven and no-one likes chaffing. Alternatively – just don’t wear shorts, no-one will care.

4. Shirts

At no point are shirts necessary but if you’re prone to getting burnt, it’s maybe a good idea.

5. Colossal Amounts of Suntan Cream

Rudolph-the-peely-nose-Sophie over here would like you to learn from her mistakes and use lots and lots of suntan cream.

PACKING LIST: Sailing the Whitsundays

6. Thongs

For all my fellow Pommies – the foot kind. You won’t be needing them while onboard but if you’re planning on doing the short walk up to Hill Inlet – the lookout at Whitehaven Beach – chuck some in your bag.


BONUS TIP : Some companies advertise this walk as a hike, purely because it sounds cooler and sells more – but there is no need for hiking boots – promise. You wouldn’t even need flops if the floor at the top wasn’t so scalding.

PACKING LIST: Sailing the Whitsundays

7. Camera + all the Trimmings

Chuck out that extra shirt and chuck in your camera goodies – all of them – as there will be lots you’ll want to capture. Also bring along any protective gear you have for your electronics – the fine silica sand on Whitehaven Beach is like camera cancer. If you don’t have anything – buy a cheap ziplock bag from Woolies and chuck your stuff in there.

8. Power Pack

There will only be a few sockets onboard the boat and you’ll want to keep your camera/phone fully charged for snaps! I always find having a power pack super useful – even if I’m sitting on the sofa at home and want to use my phone while it’s on charge without having to sit uncomfortably on the floor next to the wall #lazyhacks.

9. Jim Jams

Privacy is a luxury onboard a boat and unless you’ve booked a private cabin, you’ll be sleeping in with other people and maybe they won’t appreciate your shiny white bits.

10. Hoodie, Hippie Pants and Socks

In the evening it’s not quite warm enough for just shorts but not quite cold enough for full-on trousers so I find hippie pants the perfect mix – obviously they’re not essential but if you have them, it’s not cold enough to wear them up in Queensland otherwise so take advantage!

11. Beer / Goon / Both

Lots of overnight boats have a BYO rule for alcohol onboard so remember to stock up before you set sail. Keep it to cans though because bottles are a no-no on most boats.

What not to Bring:


To my knowledge most overnighters provide them.

Make Up

Boat life is a lovely thing, embrace it – you’ll get a better tan. Deodorant, hairbrush and a toothbrush is all you need.

Hard/Big Bags

Most boats request you only bring a small soft bag because remember all passengers need to fit their stuff!


So there we go! Anything to add?

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